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Will it hurt?

All surgery hurts.  You will be given narcotics post operatively for your pain.  Remember, all narcotics cause constipation.  Wean yourself off narcotics as soon as possible.  Instead of taking a narcotic, you can take 3 Advil (200 mg tablet) as soon as your pain allows.  Also, all narcotics require a special prescription pad called a "triplicet", so we can no longer phone in pain medication requists.  So don't wait until Friday at 4:59pm to request a refill.


What do I do if I get constipated?

If are taking narcotics, you will get constipated.  The best thing is to wean off narcotics when possible.  Easy over the counter remedies include:  prune juice, Miralax 17 grams (one cap full) daily, dulcolax/ colace tablets, and if all else fails a 12 ounce bottle of Magnesium Citrate will clean you out.  If the over the counter options fail, please the office for advice.


When can I get back to work?

It depends on what you do for a living.  Typically, you should take off at least one week for laparoscopic surgery and two weeks for open surgery.  We have work release notes in the office.  Please let the office know how to send you a note, email, fax, hard copy are all options.  



If you feel you need to go on disability, please contact your employer and ask if there are special HR forms that need to be filled out.  These forms can be laborious and lengthy requiring many revisions, for this reason we have to charge $50 per set of forms.  I am sorry for this.


When can I shower?

Your incision is closed with dissolvable stitches and covered with water proof glue.  The glue is purple.  You can shower 24 hours after surgery.  You can take your dressing off 24 hours after surgery as well.  If you have any drainage, please cover your incision with gauze.


What do I do if I have problems with my incision?

Pink or light yellow drainage is normal.  Green drainage is bad and pus is bad, if this occurs please let Dr. Roozrokh know right away.  Please take a picture of your wound and email it to Dr. Roozrokh at, but call the office to inform us you are having issues.


What do I if I think I have an infection?

Please check your temperature, I get concerned if your temperature is greater than 101 degrees Farenheit.  If you develop abdominal pain with vomiting and fever, you could have an abdominal abscess.  Pus or green fluid from your incision can be a wound infection.  Again, if these things happen, please call the office for advice.  We can typically see you the same day and keep you out of the ER.  The ER doctor will never know your history as well as me and will order many expensive tests that may not be necessary.


After hours attention, what to do?

If you think it can wait until morning, that is always the best option.  Dr. Roozrokh may not be on call and the on call physician will never know you as well as Dr. Roozrokh will.  They may send to the ER when it could be avoided.  With that being said, if you have concerns, don't hesitate to call after hours, but narcotics cannot be filled.


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